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We provide private and semi-private core sessions for athletes and non-athletes who want to build significant core strength and endurance to improve performance. SoozSports can help you build core strength, increase balance, stability and functional fitness, which will decrease injuries and reduce chronic pain. All classes are currently running online. For more information, email Sooz at:


Core Strength and Endurance Fitness for Competitive Athletes

Are you an athlete wanting to get stronger, fitter, faster, better? Are you wanting to limit and/or prevent injuries? SoozSports has training sessions geared toward building strength, stability, power and endurance relative to your sport. Expand your competitive edge, reduce your injuries and improve your performance!

Core Body Functional Fitness for Non-Athletes

Are you struggling with lower back pain? Are you feeling like you cannot exercise because of issues with your shoulders, hips, knees and/or ankles? Are you wishing you felt stronger? SoozSports will work with you to increase functional core strength and progressively develop and improve your core strength and flexibility. You will soon see the difference regular core sessions make. As one of our clients says, “SoozSports, you are my prescription for life!

Customized Core Training Plans

Want a customized program that works specifically for your goals and routine? Consider a private, online, period-based core training plan with one of SoozSports Core Coaches that you can do online from your own home.