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Looking for a coach to help you reach your goals?

SoozSports offers coaching in all distances of triathlon, duathlon, single sport, endurance core fitness and audacious recreational adventures.

Our coaching programs are life-style based. We customize your program to support your goals and fit within your busy schedule and daily demands. Monthly rates range  depending on length of event, complexity, and duration. For more information, email SoozSports at:



Custom Online Coaching - Competitive Athletes 

Are you competitive? Do you like to work hard, push your potential, smile often and achieve impossibly possible goals? How about finishing your first, fifth or forty-fifth 70.3 or 140.6 endurance triathlon, or a marathon, or ultra run because you want to know if you can be better, fitter, stronger than you are today? How about finishing your race faster than you ever thought you could? Join SoozSports! We work with you one-on-one. We build you a customized annual plan and provide it to you online in weekly training instalments that flex and adjust with your lifestyle. We create an individualized nutrition plan for you along with a race plan, and adapt your training to sustain work/life balance and ensure you achieve your goals.

Custom Online Coaching - Recreational Athletes

Do you have a goal on your bucket list? There are so many things to consider when you take on a great big, audacious goal – the best kind, by the way! We will coach you to the start of your event uninjured, to the end of your event uninjured and happy, and across the finish line thrilled with your accomplishment. Take on a challenge and SoozSports will help reach your goal!