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Yoga improves flexibility, decreases tightness, strengthens the core and removes physical, mental and emotional toxins from the body.

Research shows that rest is the best form of recovery. YIN yoga softens the muscles used in specific sports and helps muscles totally relax which leads to faster muscle recovery as well as increased mobility, both of which contribute toward improved performance. YIN yoga sessions are ideal for triathletes, cyclists and single sport athletes such as swimmers and runners who Wide_Knee_Child_Frontneed targeted relaxation and recovery that supports ongoing endurance training. Rather than being another ‘workout’ in the weekly schedule, YIN yoga
complements training by allowing you to completely relax the musculature during the session.

Hatha Flow sessions are ideal for strengthening, toning and energizing the body, while expanding and nourishing the muscles and releasing tension, tightness and fatigue. This form of yoga is a ‘workout’. We move through a series of poses paying specific attention to proper alignment and strength while developing rhythmic breathing cycles that improve our ability to focus, relax and re-energize.

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